Arms embargo, why actually?

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June 27, 2020
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June 29, 2020

Arms embargo, why actually?


H as Iran historically been a belligerent country? Iran is the oldest civilization in the Middle East and North Africa, which has preserved its national language and identity for thousands of years. There is a history of ancient civilization in this land, which is one of the human heritage including the Charter of Human Rights of Cyrus. Another important historical record of Iranian civilization is the liberation of the Jews by Cyrus in the Achaemenid Empire. The Jews, enslaved by the Babylonians and living in humiliation, were freed by Cyrus the Great and re-honored, which is an undeniable proof that there is no historical or ethnic enmity between the people of Iran and the Jews.

Contrary to Western media footage, the Persian Empire was a civilization based on peace and the unification of the nations in the region, not war, bloodshed, and the enslavement of human beings as was common in other parts of the world, like Babylon and ancient Greece.

With the advent of Islam, the Iranian people saw and accepted the rightfulness of Islam and embraced it willingly. In all other countries in West Asia and North Africa, with the arrival of Islam, the language and national identity of the region changed and became Arabic. Even Egypt, which had an ancient history. Unlike them, Iran was the only country that retained its native language, culture, and identity after the conversion to Islam, because its people converted to this religion willingly, not with the threat of the sword.

Throughout history, both after and before Islam, Iran has never been the beginner of a bloody war or deadly enslavement of human beings.

After the victory of the Islamic Revolution in 1979, when the people decided to choose the third path between the Eastern and Western blocs, both the Soviet Union in the East and the Western bloc led by the United States and Britain did not refrain from any hostility against Iran and its independent ideas. The most obvious point of this enmity is the 8-year imposed war between Iran and Iraq, in which these countries wholeheartedly supported Saddam, the bloodthirsty dictator of Iraq, against Iran. During this eight-year war, one of the longest wars of the 20th century, Western officials not only took memorial photos with Saddam with smiling faces but also encouraged him to attack Iran, with their all-round arms support. They handed over chemical weapons to that criminal dictator, and they put their hands on innocent blood with Saddam. He received From the former Soviet Union, from hundreds of T-72 tanks to Mill helicopters, all kinds of anti-aircraft missile systems, MiG-25 and MiG-29 fighters, which were the most advanced military achievements of the Eastern Bloc, and from the west too many weapons from guided missiles like HOT Anti-Tank Missile to Super Étendard and Mirage F1 fighters and Exocet anti-ship missiles, modern artillery weapons and air defense systems such as the Roland. Nothing was forbidden and unforgivable against Saddam, not even nuclear weapons! This was not enough and they started intelligence work in this war and provided Saddam with all kinds of satellite images and information obtained from their reconnaissance planes and AWACS, which exposed the movements of Iranian forces which led to defeat some of Iran`s operations. The operations were on the Iranian side, while its territory was occupied by Iraq.

After this war, all kinds of excuses and pressures from both sides, especially the West, continued, and the reason was simply that Iran's philosophy was independent. This is in a situation where all the countries around Iran are either part of the Western or the Eastern side. In such a situation, while Iran needs to have at least some defense equipment to maintain its territorial integrity, other countries accuse Iran of being too militaristic, while Iran's military budget is one of the lowest in the region.

According to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute in 2019, Saudi Arabia has spent more than $ 60 billion on the military. That's more than $ 20 billion for Turkey and the Israeli regime. Even a small country with the size of smallest provinces in Iran's has a budget of more than $ 7.7 billion. However, for Iran, which has an expanse of approximately 2 million square kilometers, with a population of more than 80 million and dangerous regional and trans-regional threats, this amount was only $ 12.6 billion. Accordingly, per capita, military spending in 2019 was more than $ 1,800 per Saudi citizen and only about $ 157 per Iranian citizen.

So the Iranophobia, which is widely pumped by the Western media, is not just due to Iran's military threat, given the above. Because many countries in the region have much higher military costs, even some regimes like Israel has stored dozens of nuclear warheads, some others like Turkey is hosting American nuclear weapons at its bases.

Could it be because of Iran's behavior in the international community? well, Unlike Israel, Iran does not have nuclear weapons; And like North Korea, it has never threatened the United States mainland. So what is all these noises about lifting the arms embargo, if it's not history, military threat, or behavior of Iran? It seems it`s the threat of Iran's independence idea for the current power structure of the world, which, if successful, could serve as a model for other nations in the region and take the world`s heartland out of the yoke of Western domination. Just as the tyrannical sanctions aimed to put pressure on the people and weaken the Iranian economy, the purpose of the arms embargo is not to reduce Iran's aggressive threat to the United States and Europe. Rather, the goal is to reduce Iran's deterrent power against countries in the region to keep Iran at a weak position in the face of military threats.

The Eastern and Western countries are playing a game of good and bad cop, in which China and Russia are good, and France, the United States, and Britain are bad cops. Their ultimate goal is to weaken Iran's internal power and to encroach on Iran by the surrounding countries, each of which is dependent on one side. As in World Wars, despite the declaration of neutrality by the Iranian government, Russia from the north and the United States and Britain from the south simultaneously attacked and occupied parts of Iran. This occupation was accompanied by many crimes and extensive looting of resources and violation of Iran's national sovereignty, as a result of these lootings spread a widespread famine throughout Iran that killed millions and left the lives of other suffering people in Iran Ruined.

The same occupations and looting of that period are still going on in Pompeo, Bin Salman, and Netanyahu`s heads, but it's just an illusion because Iran is not that weak country during World War II, and the Westerners and other enemies are not those superpowers decades away. Even under sanctions and comprehensive arms embargo, Iran is strong enough that no one can overstep its borders: British and American soldiers on its water borders got detained. The Queen's offending tanker seized in the presence of the Royal Navy's force. Global Hawk shot down when violated Iran's aerial borders; and in revenge for the assassination of Gen. Soleimani, Ain al-Assad base gets crushed, and the US not even think of giving a military response to it.


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