Soleimani assassination: West’s desperation in the face of regional resistance front

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February 2, 2020
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Soleimani assassination: West’s desperation in the face of regional resistance front


T he assassination by the US of Iran’s top-ranking military commander Lieutenant General Qassem Soleimani can solely be described in two words: state terrorism. If you can give it another name, then let us know about it, too! Attempting to justify his order for the assassination of General Soleimani, US President Donald Trump claimed the targeted killing was an act of “legitimate self-defense” in the face of “imminent” attacks against US interests, which his Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said would “put American lives at risk,” without “any doubt” of course! Even beyond a reasonable doubt.

The American officials, therefore, see themselves entitled to dispatch drones and eliminate anyone they call a suspect. There may be a drone flying over my ahead right now! We the people of the world are waiting for a time when the same drone will take care of all judicial proceedings plus suspicions among US authorities and rid the world of the necessity to go through legal processes — involving filing complaints, trials and court hearings — before finding people guilty of a wrongdoing!

You are terribly mistaken if you think what was mentioned above is a mere comic story. Ex-US president Barack Obama, alone, carried out 600 assassinations using drones worldwide, while his successor, Trump, has been involved in 300 such targeted killings so far. And there is, as one would expect, no end in sight to such a trend.

Well, such measures are being taken by the developed West, which claims to be an advocate of democracy. Then why wouldn’t we the underdeveloped people of the Middle East follow suit in an effort to get to the utopia promised by liberal democracy? We could build atomic bombs and drones as well and move to kill in self-defense just anyone we deem suspicious. As a matter of fact, we actually do possess all the necessary equipment for targeted strikes, but the rationale for such killings had been lacking during our thousands of years of civilization until the American democracy taught us the logic in the 21st century. We Iranians have no doubt that the US under Trump will launch an attack against our country, which will claim many lives, just as Washington has imposed sanctions on the Iranian health sector, endangering the lives of patients; therefore, Trump — along with any American in military uniform in the Middle East — is on our ‘to-kill-in-drone-strike’ list. These things are not being said out of emotion, but are the results of what the US has sown in the Middle East and will soon begin to reap.

But why is the West so madly obsessed with the Middle Easterners that it is ready to trample on all democratic and humanitarian standards while dealing with the region? That’s a question no one can answer. This matter was earlier discussed in a commentary piece about the Western obsession with the Iranian nuclear program, titled ‘War could be on horizon as West pushes to prevent rise of nuclear Iran.’ What has emboldened the Westerners, especially the US, to a degree that they even dare kill the military official of a great sovereign state? The answer is desperation. The US does not have a correct understanding of the Middle East and its residents. It fails to clearly understand the facts about the formation of the resistance axis and Iran’s influence in the region. Washington has turned the US army into a plaything in the hands of extremist Zionists and mobilized the Americans’ national interests, assets and lives to stand by an occupying regime that has spilled the blood of many people in the region. Today, all those who have lost their loved ones to the Israeli regime are standing in unity under the flag of resistance. The US thus sees it as an obligation to label the multi-million-strong front as a terrorist organization. That is why it does not hesitate to use a variety of military equipment to assassinate resistance leaders. Such a policy, however, draws the US into the same cycle of mistakes and will only strengthen both the determination and the size of the resistance front in the Mideast. The more the US advances in the region, the more the country loses its credibility and status and insanely points the finger at Iran for its successive defeats. This is while the strategists with the Pentagon and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) are ignoring the fact that America has the blood of many Iraqis on its hand and destabilized the Middle East with its actions, setting the scene for the rise of the Daesh terror group, which has in itself been behind too much bloodshed. By igniting the flames of war in Libya, Yemen and many other regions, the United States has, on a daily basis, been making enemies of the people there. Gradually, all the oppressed people, who see their rights trampled on and unrealizable, have turned to Iran as a bulwark against tyranny. The Iranians have a historical mandate to reach out to the oppressed people — including the Jews who sought refuge in Iran from Nebuchadnezzar II and modern-day Shia and Sunni Muslims who have turned to the Islamic Republic where Shia Islam is the dominant faith and culture. It is thus natural that Shia Muslims make up the main body of the regional resistance movement, whereas the US wrongly brands Shia Muslims as proxies recruited by Iran to carry out acts of terror across the region. Such labeling will, however, fail to change the realities on the ground. The fact is that regional nations are seeking to revive their rights, which have long been infringed upon, and are relying on their Iranian brothers towards that end.

The Westerners either have an imperfect understanding of the situation or pretend not to understand what is really going on. They do not want to realize that they are reaping what they have sown. The results of this non-realistic approach are reflected in such statements by US officials as ‘Iran is to blame,’ ‘this person is a terrorist,’ ‘that person is a terrorist,’ ‘everyone is a terrorist,’ and blah, blah, blah. Why? It’s because the United States has failed to achieve its obscure objectives in the Middle East. Portraying everyone as a terrorist, the US has put the use of insane violence at the top of its agenda so it could stage an evil war of “all against all,” as English philosopher Thomas Hobbes defines it. Pay attention: a war of all against all!

But who really stands to benefit from such a war? The Americans who lose their lives? The ancient inhabitants of the Middle East who are being killed by the invaders of their homes and their land? Here, there is only one single entity to blame, and that is Israel. This cycle of carnage and labeling is plainly meant to ensure the safety of this fake regime, which has no historical and cultural backing in this region.

Now one question remains to be answered: how long should the Western citizens bear the moral brunt of the crimes their governments are perpetrating in the Middle East merely to protect Israel?


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