Azraels of Persian gulf

Iran’s top commander lauds indigenous defense industry, unveils ‘Kian 700’ tank transporter
November 12, 2019
Iran Air Force maneuver completely successful: Commander
November 26, 2019

Azraels of Persian gulf


This report provides a fresh and comprehensive perspective on an important part of the Islamic Republic's military program, explaining the growing research and development of Iranian marine missiles. Iran's missile program has been the most important part of the Islamic Republic of Iran's military development program for many years, and the marine missile program is the most important part of the missile program after ballistic missiles. The author has tried to take a realistic view and debate the case without exaggeration of some media affiliated with the Iranian military organizations as well as the exaggeration of the Western media, which largely overlook the achievements of other countries. The author has also tried to speculate about the future of this process.

This report has already been published on the first Reference Web site in Persian. References were in the original report and have been removed from the English version due to the inability to use by the English-language readers


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