Attack on Aramco facilities: operation Canned tuna

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October 26, 2019
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November 12, 2019

Attack on Aramco facilities: operation Canned tuna


This report is based on open-source researches and reveals new truths about the Aramco attacks to open the reader`s mind to multiple possibilities. In the Aramco story, the West and the Saudi-backed media immediately pointed the finger at Iran. While there were no clear signs of Iranian involvement in the attacks. Their most important reason was that the attacks needed too much technical complexity for Ansarullah military group. The claim itself is based on the assumption that the tactical complexity of the operation is the reason of failure of the Patriot missile sites and other defense sites to respond. That is because, it is clear to the West that their anti-missile interceptor weapons have no technical weakness against offensive weapons and that any failure to defend is due to enemy tactics and Element of surprise. Which means there is not any kind of threat that antimissile systems are not ready for.

The Tuna statement refers to news that was repeated by the Saudi media, accusing Iran of carrying weapons and ammunition to Houthi forces in the guise of humanitarian aid. In one case, they claimed to have seized a cargo boat containing canned tuna, which was a cover for carrying weapons...

The author relies on some evidence to show that a lesser-known weapon, something between UAV and cruise missile, could play a role in the failure of the defensive systems and could be easily used by Ansarollah's forces. This weapon is as long range as large cruise missiles and as small as a UAV. The original report has already been published in Persian on website


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